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Turn on the automatic mode of your pelvic floor
You may have been training your pelvic floor wrong this whole time! One-size-fits-all exercises can't unlock the full potential of your pelvic floor. This article will discuss why tailoring your training is crucial to target your specific needs. You will also learn about the Knack, the alternative to doing Kegels forever, that will make your pelvic floor work automatically!
The different types of muscular fibres
As explained in the article dedicated to anatomy, even if all muscles act as a group, they still share different characteristics (location, size, fibre composition and orientation, etc.)
The distribution of fibre types within a muscle plays a crucial role in determining its efficiency and response to specific tasks. It directly impacts the muscle's speed, strength, and ability to sustain contraction. There are two main types of muscle fibres: fast-twitch (Type II) and slow-twitch (Type I).
Fast-twitch fibres react rapidly and generate powerful force. In contrast, slow-twitch fibres require more time to activate and are better suited for endurance tasks. By strategically training your muscles, you can increase the proportion of a specific fibre type. Failing to select appropriate exercises for your goals can potentially hinder your muscles' effectiveness…
The importance of exercises modalities
If you are facing a specific problem, targeting one type of muscle fibres over the other is essential. It requires considering several factors, such as contraction intensity, exercise duration, repetition count, and rest intervals. The outcomes of your training greatly depend on these modalities.
It's important to understand that different exercises yield different benefits. Hence, the selection is crucial. Each woman requires a different approach to maximize the effectiveness of pelvic floor exercises, ensuring that the time invested in them is worthwhile.
After completing your pelvic floor check-up, you can confidently rely on your personalized program to address your unique needs.
A functional pelvic floor works automatically
Another crucial aspect of the pelvic floor muscles is that while you can voluntarily contract them, the ultimate goal of training is to forget about them and the issues they caused you once.
Contrary to common belief, the primary goal of pelvic floor training is not merely strength but functionality, which involves the ability to function automatically. This entails having your muscles respond appropriately to the demands of various activities or tasks without conscious intervention to prevent accidents or damage.
If you have any issues at the moment, try to think back to a time when you weren't even aware of your pelvic floor and didn't have to worry about it all day long… That was when your muscles were fully functional!
Why Kegels are usually not enough
Many women fail to improve or completely resolve their pelvic floor issues because they only focus on strengthening their muscles.
Don't misunderstand—strength is important, but the ultimate objective for your pelvic floor is to activate automatically and unconsciously when needed.
Your training should work towards eliminating the need for consciously squeezing your muscles each time you make an effort. Unfortunately, only doing simple Kegels will not get you there.
Make your pelvic floor automatic again
It is not too late if your pelvic floor has lost the ability to function automatically. If your check-up results indicate the need, your program will include specific exercises tailored to your requirements.
You will follow a gradual progression, starting with simple voluntary contractions to build strength and enhance awareness of your pelvic floor. Your program will evolve toward more challenging exercises to finally reach the Knack, which is the key to making your pelvic floor automatic again.
The Knack involves coordinating pelvic floor contractions with functional movements. These movements should simulate real-life situations that commonly trigger accidents or issues for you.
The Knack
The Knack mimics the natural reflex of your pelvic floor, often lost in the presence of dysfunctions. You can't skip that exercise if you want to effectively eliminate pelvic floor issues.
Through repetitions of the Knack, your nervous system will reintegrate appropriate and automatic pelvic floor responses when needed during your daily life. As a result, you will seamlessly train your pelvic floor throughout the day, without even noticing.
The Knack and a dedicated guide are available in the app for those who would benefit from this exercise.
Don't lose your time with exercises that wouldn't suit your needs
Make the most of the free check-up to access your personalized program, tailored to the unique condition of your pelvic floor. The exercises selected for you will promote long-term pelvic health and address both current issues and potential future concerns. Additionally, your comprehensive report will provide valuable insights into any issues you may face or inadvertently contribute to.
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