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A human approach to digital healthcare
How it all started
It all began with a women's health physiotherapist, the equivalent of a physical therapist in Europe. Her dream was to reach a wider audience of women beyond those she could physically assist in her practice to provide them with the techniques that had proven successful for her patients.
She dared to envision a world where pelvic health would receive the attention it truly deserves… The app's inspiration stemmed from witnessing the daily despair and hopelessness of countless women grappling with pelvic health issues.
The turning point came with the realisation that so many others were suffering and would never have access to proper care due to barriers such as high costs, limited specialist availability, time constraints, taboos, shame, and a reluctance to receive internal manual treatment.
What if we could break down these barriers once and for all?
How could we make the solutions typically reserved for a privileged few accessible to everyone?
What if we could extend the reach of methods and treatments that traditionally require one-on-one guidance?
The idea of Ground Floor App was born
The lack of reliable online information solidified this idea into a tangible project. Despite increased awareness of pelvic health, there was still work to be done. While the topic was becoming "trendy" and more openly discussed, it often lacked expert insight, resulting in outdated, overly general, or simply incorrect information that failed to truly help women on a larger scale.
Prevention was also missing from the conversation. It is a crucial element in effectively addressing the widespread occurrence of pelvic floor disorders. Educating women early on about their anatomy and physiology could significantly reduce unnecessary struggles experienced by women globally.
Individualised guidance was another essential element absent from existing resources. Too often, women received generic advice or exercises that disregarded their unique needs and circumstances, setting them up for failure. Without understanding the specific state of the pelvic floor first, one-size-fits-all exercises or advice are often ineffective or even harmful.
Three years later
After combining clinical experience with evidence-based data, Ground Floor App was finally ready to be launched. scale.
Its distinctive feature is the comprehensive check-up that provides a deep understanding of each user's uniqueness, enabling the creation of a tailored program. We meet women wherever they are on their pelvic health journey, whether they seek preventive measures or need to address existing issues impacting their lives.
We firmly believe that high-quality healthcare with lasting effects can only be achieved through a personalised approach. Our aim is to provide women with easy, convenient, affordable, and personalised access to the latest scientific evidence-based knowledge.
On a mission for a better future for women!
We strive to revolutionise and democratise pelvic health to empower women worldwide with tailored solutions for their problems. We are determined to dispel myths, eliminate confusion, and promote greater awareness to break down the stigma surrounding this topic.
We believe all women deserve proper care, guidance and resources to ensure and promote long-term pelvic health. We are dedicated to making this vision a reality for each and every woman, providing unwavering support every step of the way.
Our Goals
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Place women's singularity and uniqueness at the centre of their health journey.
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Condense expertise that would otherwise cost several hundred to access.
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Break down social, cultural, and economic barriers to women's health.
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Create a hub of comprehensive, high-quality information that makes a difference in women's lives.
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Make pelvic health as understandable as possible despite the complexity of the topic.
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Contribute to the first generation of women living free from pelvic floor dysfunctions.
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Foster a community of women who share their knowledge with others and future generations.
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Join us and receive the support you need to take care of your pelvic health!
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